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Connolly is standing on far left. Larkin is seated second from the right.
Connolly is standing second from the right. James Larkin is sitting in the centre of the second row.
The banner, 'We serve neither King nor Kaiser', was put up when Connolly became acting general secretary of the ITGWU following Larkin's departure for [...]
A company of the Irish Citizen Army at Croydon House, Croydon Park, Clontarf, Co. Dublin (the recreation centre of the ITGWU), 1914.
First recruits to the Irish Citizen Army drilling in the Phoenix Park, December 1913. James Connolly is second from the right.
Trade union leaders meet in the Clarion cafe, Manchester in November 1913. James Connolly is on the extreme right and next to him are 'Big' Bill Haywo [...]
Speakers photographed in Liverpool in support of Dublin workers . At back: 'Big' Jim Larkin and James Connolly. In front: Mrs Bamber (Liverpool Trades [...]
The artist and poet, Ralph Chaplin, designed the cover of Connolly's pamphlet Socialism Made Easy (Chicago 1909). His name is visible beneath the harp [...]
Farewell dinner on the occasion of Connolly's departure from New York to return to Dublin, 14 July 1910.
Election leaflet in Yiddish in support of James Connolly in his campaign for election to Dublin Corporation for the Wood Quay Ward in 1902.
Erin's Hope: The End and the Means was published by the Irish Socialist Republican Party in 1897. It consisted of three articles contributed by Connol [...]
Members of the Irish Socialist Republican Party (ISRP) photographed in the Phoenix Park, May 1901.
James Connolly served in the First Battalion of the King's Liverpool Regiment, 1892-1889. He was stationed in Cork, at the Curragh, and in Dublin in B [...]
One of eight barracks in Dublin, Inchicore could house up to 1600 soldiers.
Copy of the birth certificate of James Connolly, recording his birth at 2.30 p.m. 5 June 1868 at 107 Cowgate, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Lillie Reynolds photographed before her marriage to James Connolly in Perth, Scotland, in April 1890.
The Cowgate slum area of Edinburgh, Scotland, where Connolly was born.
James Connolly lies wounded in a stretcher surrounded by his comrades inside a battle scarred GPO.
James Connolly and his wife, Lillie, and daughters, Mona and Nora. This is the earliest known photograph of Connolly and was taken in Edinburgh, Scotl [...]