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When Armagh beat Kerry in the All Ireland Gaelic Football Final in 2002, the defeated manager was asked how they’d lost. He told a reporter Armagh had [...]
One day, as the Holy Cross dispute continued, I turned around and there he was. My eye has always been drawn to the bizarre, and there was an unreal q [...]
DUP deputy leader Peter Robinson appeared in court in the Republic, charged in connection with a loyalist takeover of a County Monaghan village, Clont [...]
This cross was left at Danny McCann’s house in Cavendish Street, off the Falls Road, when gunmen arrived to shoot him. He was out and escaped. M [...]
I’d been told about the sign, but it didn’t make a picture in itself. I waited, nervously, for several hours. Nothing happened. Tractors p [...]
Bishop of Down and Connor, Dr Patrick Walsh, stands inside the Church of the Virgin Mary and St. Brigid at Magheranesk, near Glenavy, burnt in a secta [...]
Actor Martin Sheen came to a film festival in west Belfast and made an impromptu visit to the Ballymurphy area. Relaxed and happy to pose for the came [...]
Along with his wife, designer John Z. DeLorean arrives to open his car factory at Dunmurry on the outskirts of Belfast.
A family in the nationalist Short Strand district were victims of a loyalist gun attack. This child looked through the broken blind as I took the pict [...]
A lone member of the loyal orders unsuccessfully appeals to riot police to stand aside and allow his brethren to cross the Ormeau Bridge. They wanted [...]
The relics of St. Thérèse de Lisieux created something of a sensation when they visited Ireland. Nearly three-quarters of the population turned out to [...]
Another very down-to-earth guy. Thin Lizzy were playing at the Whitla Hall at Queen’s University. This was taken during the rehearsal with ‘Snowy’ Whi [...]
Actor Stephen Rea has always been one of my favourite people to photograph. Star of The Crying Game and countless other films and plays, he’s un [...]
Cardinal Tomás Ó Fiaich was deeply intelligent, but had the common touch. Always affable and ready with a joke or a laugh, he would remember your name [...]
Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP) member Kevin McQuillan was the target of several assassination bids. Here he recuperates after being shot in t [...]
Brian Keenan’s return from captivity in Beiruit prompted an incredible outpouring of kindness. I think people just wanted to show him they cared [...]
Loyalists shot Andrew Peden in the legs. They probably intended to kneecap him, but used such a heavy calibre weapons that they blew his legs off. He [...]
Few people would have bet on him surviving two loyalist feuds. His followers and associates were forced out of the Shankill Road streets he once ruled [...]
Pictured four months after the Omagh bombing, she was the last survivor to leave hospital. She had learned of her twenty-month-old daughter Breda’s de [...]
Alex O'Boyle owns a sheep farm on the slopes of Glenariff, one of the most beautiful of Antrim's glens. He's lived there all his life. Hail, rain and [...]
A man gathers flax in the traditional way. These days this is only done as a demonstration, to show school children how the crop once dominated all of [...]
The corner shop and bar were the hub of a community. Battered and run-down they may have looked from the outside, but inside they stocked your every n [...]
Terence 'Sambo' McNaughton of Cushendall and Antrim rises to snatch the sliotar ahead of two Tipperary hurlers. The result at Croke Park was never in [...]
This youngster was running across the rocks towards the beach. He tossed the sliotar to puck it at just the right place to get this reflection in a ro [...]
European super middleweight champion Ray Close takes a break from training to feed his baby daughter. The picture was taken in the famous Eastwood's g [...]
This was Barry McGuigan's fourth professional fight. Much to the horror of the crowd in Belfast's Ulster Hall, a Belgian boxer, Jean Marc Renard, floo [...]
Mrs Ingerborg Niedermayer walks behind the coffin of her husband, West German consul and industrialist Thomas Niedermayer. The IRA had buried his body [...]
This was the funeral of an RUC inspector. The IRA shot him as he walked his dog in Newcastle, County Down, I thought the women in this picture somehow [...]
Funerals became something of a battleground during the 1980s, as police and army refused to permit paramilitary displays. This was the funeral of an I [...]
Near St Agnes's Church on the Andersonstown Road, armed men emerged from the crowd to fire a volley of shots over Joe McDonnell's coffin. The man to t [...]
Billy McMillen was known as ‘the wee man’. He was the Official IRA commander in Belfast. It was engaged in a feud with the INLA. Six weeks after I to [...]
Gerry Conlon of the Guildford Four returns to his family in Belfast a few days after his conviction was quashed. Only myself, photographer John Harris [...]
The whole world was looking for this picture. Paul Hill of the Guildford Four was in Belfast for the first time with his new bride, Courtney Kennedy. [...]
Martin McGuinness, appointed minister of education in the new powersharing Executive, leaves the Sinn Féin office on the Falls Road to go to his offic [...]
The General Election was to take place within hours but this picture was published after Sinn Féin took four Westminster seats. As someone joked on se [...]
The Sinn Féin president speaks at a republican rally in the Short Strand district of east Belfast just days after the IRA called their ceasefire.
British secretary of state, Tom King, is greeted by anti-Anglo-Irish Agreement protestors outside Belfast City Hall. Holding the poster is Nigel Dodds [...]
SDLP councillor Margaret Walsh pictured after her home was paint-bombed by loyalists.
Unmistakable, even from behind, I have photographed the DUP leader so many times that on this occasion I tried something different. He was arriving at [...]
SDLP leader John Hume and his deputy Seamus Mallon, out for a walk on Newcastle beach. A lot of the sand has gone from the beach now, replaced by ston [...]
Sinn Féin were opening their new office and I noticed Gerry Adams giving a drink to a child he was holding. When this photograph appeared in the Irish [...]
The former prime minister of Northern Ireland, Lord O'Neill of Maine, prepares to leave his home for London. Too liberal for many unionists, not liber [...]
I spent several weeks in Ardoyne covering the Holy Cross protest and its impact. On the third day of the protest, a blast bomb was thrown towards the [...]
This picture shows a bomb as it explodes, leaves shaking from a little tree as the blast hits. It's a picture that almost cost me my life. I was far t [...]
I've known even hardened republicans who have a sneaking admiration for the courage of the bomb squad. Soldiers describe approaching a suspect device [...]
There were bombs all over Belfast. Police had arrested these men near the city centre. I was driving to work and came upon the scene. Viewfinders on t [...]
Children at Holy Cross Girls’ Primary School were the focus for a loyalist protest. Protestants claimed they’d been unable to go to nearby shops, and [...]
The aftermath of an explosion at Queen’s Street. Getting to the scene was difficult. I had to climb through a building site. Another night when a bomb [...]
A bomb in a car exploded in a tiny street off the Falls. It was a miracle no one was badly injured. Houses all around were wrecked, yet within minutes [...]
An IRA man in the nationalist lower Ormeau area fires at police manning a roadblock on the bridge across the River Lagan. Everyone dived for cover. Th [...]
Someone tipped me off about the location — Clifton Street Cemetery, one of the oldest graveyards in Belfast, just a few hundred yards away from the Ir [...]
Often the most seemingly mundane pictures are later those which tell most about a period. This was an everyday scene — a man being searched on the Fal [...]
They were dancing a waltz. It was the Northern Ireland Ballroom Championship at Belfast City Hall, part of that year's festival.
Throughout the Troubles, young people continued with their lives. On this particular night, a rock 'n' roll band, Flint, took the stage in the Lake Gl [...]
John DeLorean arrived with the promise of creating a world-class sports car. In a way, I suppose he succeeded. When the dream turned into a nightmare, [...]
A hill farmer and local councillor, Oliver McMullen, surveys his land following the foot-and-mouth outbreak, With him is his daughter Aime. All the an [...]
A horrific number of people have been killed by so-called ‘joyriders’, and this was an anti-car-crime rally in north Belfast. It was held following th [...]
The aftermath of a riot on the Falls Road. When a soldier was freed from jail, this was the response — every few yards there was the debris of a burnt [...]
The IRA announced it was going to decommission weapons. It was a historic move, and everyone wanted to photograph Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams. He [...]
Loyalists shot dead his grandfather, Joseph McCloskey, at his home in the New Lodge area of north Belfast. The young boy, also called Joseph, walks ah [...]
Youngsters regularly mimic in their play what is going on around them. Here a child in a nationalist area stands alongside soldiers resting during rio [...]
Voting day on the referendum on the Good Friday Agreement. I couldn’t see a picture until I noticed this young girl on her way to First Communion. She [...]
Soldiers were always relieved to see kids about, because they were less likely to be shot at. Some claimed they timed their patrols to coincide with s [...]
Falls Road mother of ten Jean McConville was abducted by the IRA in 1972. She became known as one of ‘the disappeared’ — people whose bodies were not [...]
Mrs Mary Burns learns of the death of her husband Francis Burns, one of three men killed in a UFF gun and grenade attack on a betting shop in north Be [...]
The widow of thirty-nine-year-old John Cunningham prays at his graveside. The INLA shot three men dead during a Sunday evening service in a Pentecosta [...]
He was a junior solicitor who rode out of Andersonstown RUC station, where he’d been delivering a summons to a policeman. The IRA thought he was a pla [...]
Loyalists drove into the Clonard area on a Sunday morning looking for a Catholic. Their victim was outside his home. They shot him and drove back to t [...]
It was just another internment commemoration rally until Martin Galvin appeared on the platform. The director of NORAID, a Sinn Féin support group in [...]
The UVF shot Joe Craven, from the nationalist Bawnmore district, on his way to ‘sign on’ at the labour exchange. The INLA admitted he was one of its m [...]
The funeral of Giuseppe Conlon. I had known him when I ran the bar. A quiet man, he wasn’t a regular customer. He was wrongly convicted of being part [...]
The funeral of IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands was the biggest I’ve ever seen. Photographers from all over the world were there and, as usual, were jos [...]
A UDA gang beat him with pool cues in a bar in Lisburn. Charges against several men were dropped. None of the dozen or so people in the pub at the tim [...]
The grief of relatives is always harrowing. At the funeral of Belinda Harte, a young woman murdered in Newry, tears streamed freely down the face of h [...]
Thomas McErlean was just twenty when he was shot dead at Milltown Cemetery, during a loyalist gun and grenade attack on a republican funeral. He was m [...]
Sometimes the frozen image etches feelings much more powerfully than moving pictures. This was the funeral of one of two workers shot by loyalists in [...]
In December 1971 a UVF bomb exploded at McGurk’s Bar, killing fifteen people, among them the wife and daughter of the owner. This was a commemoration, [...]
Side by side, two bodies lay on this laneway. It was eerie, in sharp contrast somehow to a beautiful summer’s day. Soon after taking photos like this, [...]
I heard the IRA had set up a roadblock near Leeson Street off the Falls Road. The Officials claimed police and army weren’t doing enough to stop loyal [...]
I always thought the misspelling in the poster ironic. The Official IRA’s youth wing took over a school to demand that Catholic and Protestant childre [...]
They showed up at a ‘Troops Out’ rally. They were obviously young and enjoying posing. Displaying guns already made a crowd behave as if it was at a r [...]
It was Easter, as the annual republican commemoration in the heart of a republican community. The gunmen appeared and left quickly. There was no short [...]
When I owned the bar, a district inspector new to the area was fanatical about enforcing the licensing hours. ‘You are a disgrace,’ he told me once, ‘ [...]
They were happy to pose for pictures until the army helicopter arrived. Then everyone scattered.
These guys scared me. With republicans, you’ve a good idea what they’re going to do. Usually, they’d pose with guns only when safe to do so. Loyalists [...]
Republicans accused me of taking a picture they didn’t like, and questioned me. I denied taking the picture. Subsequently the word on the grapevine wa [...]
I was nervous at someone pointing a gun at me. She had cracked a joke a few minutes earlier. I never saw her face. Her eyes were young but she was ver [...]
One of the scariest moments of my working life, photographing women IRA members at a training camp.
On the sixtieth anniversary of the Easter Rising against British rule in Ireland, three soldiers arrest a man outside Andersonstown Barracks. He is we [...]
A young boy stokes the flames. The lorry was hijacked following the announcement that soldier Lee Clegg was to be released from prison. The paratroope [...]
They had no problem with me taking the picture as long as they were masked. A trio of youths in the Divis area prepare to attack the army with petrol [...]
Watched by children, masked youths hijack a lorry, forcing its driver onto open ground in the Divis Flats complex, where they promptly set it on fire. [...]
Police and nationalists clash as the final Orange parade is allowed through a flashpoint known as ‘the Tunnel’ into the nationalist Obins Street area [...]
Adoration Sisters at the gates of their Falls Road covent refuse to let young men store petrol bombs in their grounds. Outside a riot was in full swin [...]
One of my first attempts at art — the EIIR on the Royal Mail van mirroring the banner carried by the protestors. Riots marked a royal visit. ‘Will Liz [...]
An RUC officer is led to an ambulance on the Garvaghy Road in Portadown. As a precaution, the dart fired from a crossbow was left firmly embedded in h [...]
After taking this picture I was hit by a rubber bullet. The riot had been going on for hours. Standing out of the firing line, I thought I was safe. B [...]
During riots at Alliance Avenue in Ardoyne, the crowd surrounded a Land Rover. I snapped off a few shots before we were warned to leave the area. I li [...]