"Involvement of Landlords"

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Introduction. Several newspaper sources detail donations made and courses of action taken by landlords across the north of the country in order to alleviate distress.

Sources. Sources are listed after each item.

Donations for a Soup Kitchen in Westport

A meeting for establishing a soup kitchen was held in the poor house of Westport on 16 December. The Marquis of Sligo was the chairman. The subscriptions included:

Marquis of Sligo: donation £100, weekly subscription £5. Marchioness of Sligo: donation £10, weekly subscription £3. William Levyston Esq. donation £50, weekly subscription £2. George Glendinning donation £50, weekly subscription £3. Rev. Patrick Pounden donation £10, weekly subscription £1. M. MacDonnell: donation £25, weekly subscription £1. Very Rev. Bernard Burke: donation £10, weekly subscription 10 shillings.

(The Globe and Traveller, London), 1 January 1847.

The result of my experiments enables me to sell at the village cook shop, one-and-a-half pound of excellent rice and meal porridge, seasoned, for one penny; one-quart of soup for one penny; 12 ounces of potato cake for one pence. (Address of Lord Roden, Tollymore Park, Co. Armagh, to resident gentry of Ireland. (Printed in The Globe and Traveller, 1 January 1847).

Viscount Lorton, the chairman of the Boyle Union, is giving his tenants free seed. (Printed in Roscommon and Leitrim Gazette, 2 January 1847).

Lord and Lady Waterford have given £30 for Dungarvan Soup Kitchen. (Printed in the Roscommon and Leitrim Gazette, 9 January 1847).

Mr [Daniel] O’Connell has allowed his tenants a 50 per cent reduction in rents. (Printed in The Globe and Traveller,12 January 1847).

Sir Montague Chapman of Clonmellon, Westmeath, sent 120 emigrants to Australia to colonise his estate near Port Adelaide. (Printed in Roscommon and Leitrim Gazette, 20 March 1847).

Archbishop MacHale gave £100 to the Roman Catholic clergy of Westport for the relief of the destitute. (Printed in Roscommon and Leitrim Gazette, 24 April 1847).

Christine Kinealy & Tomás O’Riordan