Project Description

The MultiText Project in History is an innovative educational project, brought to you by the History Department, University College Cork. It is the largest and most ambitious project undertaken by any university to provide resources for students of Modern Irish History at all levels: University students, the general reader, and second-level students. The project aims to publish a minimum of 12 books, each dealing with a separate period of Irish history. Each book contains accounts of key personalities, concepts, and detailed elucidations of some case studies in the period.

Contact details

Contact Tomás O'Riordan tomasriordan at eircom dot net (Project Manager) with any comments or enquiries about the content of the site, and Tiarnán Ó Corráin ocorrain at gmail dot com (Technical) with comments or enquiries about technical matters.


We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the President's Fund, University College Cork, and of Mr. Joseph Carey.


It provides all the necessary resources to enable teachers and students to engage fully with the new Leaving Certificate syllabus essays; document-based case studies; key concepts; and biographies of key personalities. Extensive bibliographies and illustrations are also provided.

Time Scale

Work on late Modern Irish History (1815-2000) is nearing completion and materials on all six topics will appear on this site over the next three to six months. Books on Early Modern Irish History (1494-1814) are in progress and sample texts can be viewed by clicking the top menu.


All contributions are credited to their authors/editors. Different authors bring varied interpretations and understandings to the work. No effort has been made to edit out these differences of opinion and interpretation. Historians differ for many genuine reasons, and students must learn that.